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ETIENNE: thanks

I never forget what you have done for us.


Achim Dietz: Pictures of 35th Infantry Division

Dear Sir or Madam, I run the blog www.that-was-here.de in which I show pictures from the time of the World War, which I photograph at the exact same place again and with the same angle of view. There is the old view, the new and one in which I am retouching the two pictures together. In this picture both times are merged. For me, there are holes in time in this picture. The Time is near. I took a picture in Kamp - Lintfort in the last days. This picture shows soldiers from the 35th Infantry Division. Maybe you are interested to have a look. It is possible to view the exact location with Google Maps. Many Thanks Achim Dietz from Krefeld, Germany www.that-was-here.de info@that-was-here.de


Andrea Roberts McGee: 35th div

Enjoyed all the photos and info on the 35th div signal corps. My dad John Roberts served in this division in the army band. thanks!


Anne Helmer Malta: 320th information

I am the daughter of Clelaon Arthur "Art" Helmer, Hq Co 2nd Bn 320th Infantry, his profile os posted on this website. I will be in France in July and I am looking to trace his footsteps in the northeastern part of the country, having already done so in the western part Omaha Beach (D-day plus 30), St. Lo, Chateaudun, etc. I am looking to get detailed information regarding the cities and battles HQ was specifically involved with, for ex. Nancy, Metz, Battle of the Bulge, Uetterath, of which I have photos of him and his mates labeled with names like, Fedorak, Mack, Renner, Armstrong, Lassley, Chemin, Strubble (sp), Haller, MenefeeSacco, Howard, Hicks, Lt. Thomas, etc.. I have scrap books full of photos, newspaper clippings, etc. and would like share with familes who might be interested. If anyone has information on exactly where his group went and have stories to share I would greatly appreciate it. ammalta12@yahoo.com


Harald E.L. Prins: Dr.

Dear Sir -- Ted Lee Folsom (1920-1979), one of the WWII veterans in the 35th Division's Field Artillery, was a member of the Choctaw Indian Nation. He was from Brooken in Oklahoma and attended Haskell Indian School (Lawrence, Ks). In December 1940, he enlisted in the army and was assigned to Field Artillery. He was buried at the Brooken Cemetery, Oklahoma. Much appreciate the website you have created and maintain. Sincerely Harald Prins University Distinguished Professor of Anthropology Kansas State University


Weber, Paul: Mr

Hi all, Just to let everyone know the 35th ID is still going strong. We were in Iraq and represented the division well, and the division's proud history of pushing the fight forward and carrying on victory. As fate would have it, I was part of the 3rd Army, and wear it proudly on my right sleeve of my uniform. SFC, small town America, USA.


William sinibaldi: Mr.

My uncle was killed on January 25th,1945 .he was in the 35th inf division 137th inf reg in company I. Any information on him and the circumstances surrounding his status of KIA would be greatly appreciated Thank you ......the Sinibaldi family


pascal BULOIS: recherche 216th FABn

monsieur je fais des recherches depuis plusieurs années sur la libération de Chateaudun par la 35th infantry Division, et cela m'a permis de trouvé que 2 soldats du 216th FA Bn ont trouvé la mort le 16 aout pres de Chateaudun sur la commune de Thiville. il sagit du Pvt John P SACLARIDES et du Tec/4 Andrew E MORAFKA blessé le 16 aout et decédé le 17. avec eux il y eu 6 blessé. néanmoins je ne trouve aucun renseignement sur le 216th FABn, auriez vous des infos sur cette évènement a Thiville. de mon coté je pense que les soldats ont été tués par un tir d'obus d'un char Tigre en poition a l'entrée de Chateaudun. auriez vous les noms des blessés. l'année prochaine nous envisageons de faire une plaque commémorative en l'honneur des cesz deux soldats, et j aurais besoin de toute informations coomplémentaire pour appuyer mes recherches. vous pouvez aller sur le site chateaudun1944libre.chez.com pour voir notre derniere manifestation organisé le 17 aout dernier. restant a votre disposition, bien cordialement P Bulois


jerry podesta: my cousin

my cousin steve j craciola was kia at st lo on 7/25 1944. he is buried at Normandy plot g row 28 grave 16. I remember him coming to dinner at our house when he was in training near los angeles I was 12 years old when he was killed.i have a photo of his grave. I know it has been a long time ago,but I would appreciate any thing that you have related to sgt steve craciola. thank you for honoring these brave men




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