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Teresa E Shepherd: Pvt Justain H. Riley II

My father was with the 137th Infantry Regiment, served as Truman's bodyguard when Truman came by ship to Brussels, Belgium. He earned 2 bronze stars.


Rebekah Berman: HQ 2nd Battalion, 137th Regiment

I am here looking for facts regarding battles involving the 137th Regiment, 2nd Battalion. My Uncle George H. Ross, JR from Kingman, KS was a captain in the United States Army during WWII and those of us who are still living don't know much about his story in WWII. He had a friend S. Sgt. Frank Bratkovic who was from Kansas City who was stationed with him.


Michael Mayer: Robert C. Neckermann

I lost contact with you. Hope all is well. My grandfather is Robert C. Neckermann. What else can i get you to help honor his memory on this page.


Edward J Foley: Relative of veteran

I found my uncle Raymond here. But you don't know what unit he was with. I do, it was the 161 FA. I also have his picture with 35th Division patch, and 161 cross cannons branch insignia. How do I get this to you to update his record? His medals need an update too. thank you. Your site is terrific.


Alan F Janzen: Father was in the 35th Division Artillery

Father, Albert Janzen, was a member of the Headquarters Battery. He joined the California National Guard in March, 1941 and was one of the first to train at Camp Roberts, CA. When the 35th Division was moved to Camp Roberts in December, 1941 to become part of the Western Defense Command, he was transferred to the 35th Division and served for the duration until he was discharged in late September, 1945 at Camp Beale, CA.


stacey zarges: 137th regiment

My grandfather,Virgil Throne was part of the 137th infantry regiment that was attached to the 35th Infantry Division. He has passed away now, but I would be interested in any information of the 137th and or any of the information that may be out there on that regiment. He was a squad leader and I would be interested if there may be any photos of various squads in the regiment. Thanks, Stacey Throne Zarges


ETIENNE: thanks

I never forget what you have done for us.


Achim Dietz: Pictures of 35th Infantry Division

Dear Sir or Madam, I run the blog www.that-was-here.de in which I show pictures from the time of the World War, which I photograph at the exact same place again and with the same angle of view. There is the old view, the new and one in which I am retouching the two pictures together. In this picture both times are merged. For me, there are holes in time in this picture. The Time is near. I took a picture in Kamp - Lintfort in the last days. This picture shows soldiers from the 35th Infantry Division. Maybe you are interested to have a look. It is possible to view the exact location with Google Maps. Many Thanks Achim Dietz from Krefeld, Germany www.that-was-here.de info@that-was-here.de


Andrea Roberts McGee: 35th div

Enjoyed all the photos and info on the 35th div signal corps. My dad John Roberts served in this division in the army band. thanks!


Anne Helmer Malta: 320th information

I am the daughter of Clelaon Arthur "Art" Helmer, Hq Co 2nd Bn 320th Infantry, his profile os posted on this website. I will be in France in July and I am looking to trace his footsteps in the northeastern part of the country, having already done so in the western part Omaha Beach (D-day plus 30), St. Lo, Chateaudun, etc. I am looking to get detailed information regarding the cities and battles HQ was specifically involved with, for ex. Nancy, Metz, Battle of the Bulge, Uetterath, of which I have photos of him and his mates labeled with names like, Fedorak, Mack, Renner, Armstrong, Lassley, Chemin, Strubble (sp), Haller, MenefeeSacco, Howard, Hicks, Lt. Thomas, etc.. I have scrap books full of photos, newspaper clippings, etc. and would like share with familes who might be interested. If anyone has information on exactly where his group went and have stories to share I would greatly appreciate it. ammalta12@yahoo.com

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