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The Publications

Souvenir booklets and albums :

Divisional Editions :

After the victory a booklet tracing the historical path of the division was printed and distributed to each soldier before his return.

Here's one of the 35th Infantry Division :

Version livret de quelques pages.
Attack! The Story of the 35th Infantry Division.
More luxurious edition with a hardcover printed in the United States.
You can find the content of this book at this address.
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Specific Editions :

Booklet of the 320th Infantry Regiment.
Booklet of 137th Infantry Regiment.
Booklet of 134th Infantry Regiment.
booklet 320th IR
Livre 137th IR
Livre 134th IR
Published in Hameln in Germany at D-Day+365 , June 6, 1945.
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You can find the content of this book at this address.
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YearsBooks :

Photo albums of Training at Camp Robinson, year 1941. Obligatory passage for the men of the 35th division.

This copy is signed by the soldier William W. Wormington - 110th Ordnance - Camp Robinson, Arkansas, the soldier Manuel G. Zumwalt and Private 1st Class William L. Brown.

pb200192 pb200200

This example is specific to the 110th Ordnance Company, a list of men and a brief history of the unit is present inside.

At least one other version exist, specific for the 134th Infantry Regiment. The photographic content is identical in every respect the only difference is the list of men and descriptive history of the unit.

Newspappers of the division "Santa Fe Express" period 1944-1945



This listing includes the name and address of all men being part of the strenght of the 35th Infantry Division between his departure and his return the US.

Poe to Poe means : port of embarkation to port of embarkation.

roster 35th ID

Marching Song

reunion 1947

Program of the division reunion ,year 1947

reunion 1947

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